Document Journal: How a bouquet of flowers from Andy Warhol started Peter Marino’s art collection

In 1978, Andy Warhol gave the 29-year-old architect and designer Peter Marino a bouquet of flowers in lieu of payment for a renovation on his Upper East Side townhouse. The flowers weren’t a bouquet in the traditional sense, but rather a series of seven india ink and watercolor paintings from Warhol’s flower series. The gesture would be the beginnings of an art collection that has grown over the years with Marino’s discerning taste, keen eye and close network of friends.

Marino—the black leather-clad architect and designer responsible for the boutiques for luxury brands like Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton—picked up an affinity for art collecting in the late ‘70s. From July 27 to September 23, Marino will present his art and design collection in “Counterpoint: Selections From The Peter Marino Collection” at Southampton Arts Center in New York. Glenn Brown’s sculpture, We Reeled in Drunkenly from Outer Space (2014), and Zhang Huan’s painting, Sea No.1 (2011), will be among the works that will make their debut in public.

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